2018 Land Pride OS1572

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  • 2" or 3" Spacing: Knife spacing for different geographic soil types, conditions and moisture.
  • Seed to soil contact: Knives create a slit, the seed is precisely placed in the slit and the roller incorporates seed to soil contact (for better seed germination).
  • Easy seed cup and seed box emptying: Flute is designed to allow easy clean out of material in seed box and seed flutes.
  • Seed box agitator: Eliminates seed bridging.
  • Seed cups with powder metal flutes: Superior metering accuracy by each flute. Powder metal dissipates heat to keep cups running cool.
  • Gauge wheel or rear roller seed cup drive: Gauge wheels keeps knives in ground more consistently in undulating terrain. Rear roller drive allows for closer seeding to obstructions.
  • Water tight seed box: Keeps water out and seeds in.
  • Wind guarded seed drop: Seed rate is consistent across width of the machine and is not hampered by windy conditions.
  • Straight Knives: More aggressive, picks up thatch.
  • Curved Knives: Less aggressive and less disturbance of thatch layer.
  • Small seeds box: Simultaneously seeds second type of seed.
  • Slit seeder attachment: Guides seed directly into slit. Good for overseeding expensive grasses to insure good seed to soil contact.
  • Front roller (Option): Used to set seeding depth with units equipped with rear roller drive. Precise depth control.
  • Offset hitch – 48" unit: Offset by 10" to cover right tire track.
  • Machine weights: 48" - 1260 lbs; 72" - 1605 lbs.
  • 0"-1 1/2" Depth adjustment: Adjust depth for different seed types, soil conditions and moisture.
  • High carbon heat-treated knives: Last longer in sandy soils.
  • High tensile roller chain: Provides a smooth and quiet drive.
  • 1 Bushel per foot seedbox: Fill less often with a large box.
  • Seed splash guard: Seedbox lid has a guard to prevent seed from being spilled between lid and box.
  • Heavy-duty lid: Lid won’t buckle or slam shut in high winds.
  • Lift hooks: Allow for easy loading & unloading from trailers
  • Packer wheel scraper: Prevents soil buildup on packer wheels in moist conditions.
  • Covered drive chains: Drive chains are covered for safety, as well as keeping tree branches away to eliminate chain jumping.
  • Warranty: 5 Years on gearbox. One year parts & labor.
  • Overall Width: Gauge wheel drive: 99 in.; Rear roller drive: 81 1/4 in.
  • Seeding Width: 72 in.
  • Box Length: 72 in.
  • Empty Weight: 2 in. Spacing, Wheel Drive: 1645 lb.; 2 in. Spacing, Roller Drive: 1605 lb.; 3 in. Spacing, Roller Drive: 1565 lb.
  • Maximum Horsepower: 60
  • Driveline: 540 rpm; Heavy duty construction with slip clutch protection and fully shielded
  • Gearbox: 540 rpm input; Constructed of cast iron housing w/steel gears.
  • Gearbox Oil: Gear Lube 80-90 EP
  • Roller Chain, (Knife Drive): #100 Roller Chain; adjustable
  • Chaincase, (Knife Drive): Fully enclosed oil bath style chain box with drain plug and vent plug.
  • Chaincase Oil: Shell Gadus S2 V2200 00 flowable grease - Land Pride Part #821-045C (32 oz. bottle)
  • Rotor Diameter: 18 in.
  • Rotor Speed: 400 rpm
  • Knife Tip Speed: 2000 FPM
  • Knife Depth: 0 in.-1 1/2 in.
  • Knife Spacing: 2 in. or 3 in.
  • Number of Knives - 5 per flange: 170 knives on 2 in. spacing; 115 knives on 3 in. spacing
  • Knife Construction: Straight knives: 3/16 in. thick high carbon, heat treated steel; Curved knives: 5/32 in. thick high carbon, heat treated steel.
  • Seed Box Construction: Water tight box with wind guarded seed splash lid.
  • Seed Box Capacity: 6 Bushels with paddle agitator
  • Productive (3 1/2 mph): 2 acres/hr. (broadcast)
  • Number of Seed Cups: 10
  • Seed Cup Metering Construction: Powder metal flutes with individual clean-out handles.
  • Seed Cup Drive: Gauge Wheel Drive: Right-hand driven with adjustable spring loaded down float; Rear Roller Drive: Rear roller driven to eliminate gauge wheels.
  • Seed Cup Agitation: Chain driven paddle type agitators above seed cups.
  • Seed Settings: Wide range of calibration settings per acre and per 1000 sq. ft.
  • Gauge Wheel Tires: 18 x 8.50 x 8 turf tires at 20 psi
  • Number of Packer Wheels: 31
  • Packer Wheel Construction: Notched 12 in. dia. cast iron rollers with corrugated scraper.
  • Hitch: Category I: Centered - Fits Land Pride Quick-Hitch.
Optional Add-On Equipment
  • Small Seeds Box: Bushel capacity (1.36 bu) with Gauge Wheel drive Seed Cups or Rear Roller Drive Seed Cups
  • Slit Seeder Attachment: 2 in. or 3 in. Spacing; Directs seed into the slits cut by the knives.
  • Tines: Double Torsion, height and angle adjustable; Individual replacement.
  • Front Roller: Full width, anti-scalping, depth control, with floating top link.



81 1/4 in.
Hopper Capacity
6 bushels with paddle agitator
Empty, 3 in. Spacing, Roller Drive: 1565 lb.; Empty, 2 in. Spacing, Wheel Drive: 1645 lb.

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